About us

Since the creation of bee2link in 2012, all of the company’s employees adhere to our three founding values: Ambition, Integrity, and Openness.

Our ambition

Ambition is part of the innovations our company develops for the benefit of our customers in the automotive distribution sector. It comes from the deep desire that has been driving us since the creation of bee2link, namely to actively support the necessary changes in the automotive distribution sector by putting into perspective our vision and implementing digital applications for greater efficiency, while guaranteeing commercial, experiential and financial performance.


Integrity is non-negotiable. It stems essentially from who we are, and guarantees the respect, sincerity and loyalty that we owe to our customers, employees and partners in every aspect of our business.


Openness, in the broadest sense of the term: openness to others, to the unexpected, to difficulties… Our creative design methods represent a synthesis between analytical and intuitive thinking. They are based on a process of co-creativity involving feedback from the end user. Our reference framework is not based on any dogma and proceeds from the permanent questioning of market postulates.
We are therefore constantly challenging ourselves in order to adapt and evolve for and with our customers. Beyond the cooperation we establish and maintain with them, we offer a platform and natively open applications allowing numerous opportunities for our customers.

One group, four brands

The merger of bee2link with K agency, a specialist in the digitalization of the support and risk management in concession and the acquisition of 3Dsoft, a key player in the management of aftermarket businesses, marked the birth of bee2link group in 2019. At the beginning of 2021, bee2link also acquired the start-up Neuralytics and its flagship brand .maprochaineauto. which offers dealers predictive sales tools capable of anticipating and revealing purchase intentions at the point of sale.
Thanks to this four-way alliance, the Group is completing its scope of activities and is able to address almost all the businesses in the automotive distribution sector.

We are the partner of your future.

Our mission is to provide the actors of the automotive distribution sector with the means to carry out their transformation.


We believe in the Future of the automotive distribution sector.
A future where everything becomes possible again: on a new basis and in order to be ready for the new automotive distribution and consumption patterns of today and tomorrow.


By allowing the current actors in the Distribution sector to arm themselves against the arrival of pure NATUB-type players (Netflix, Airbnb, Tesla, Uber, Booking) who have, each in their respective fields, totally reshuffled the cards and disrupted traditional economic models.

By offering a platform where the interconnection between the different systems allows for a structuring, end-to-end digital experience for both users and consumers.

By promoting financial returns through increased efficiency, generated by a winning alliance: the efficiency of business applications combined with the opportunities provided by the platform economy.


In 2013, we developed an application platform to prepare the automotive distribution sector for the first shifts caused by the uberization of the economy.
In 2020, this powerful, agile, open and business-oriented platform will further enhance its capacity toward greater ease of use and openness. It will also enable our customers, be they automobile manufacturers, importers or distributors, to develop their own internal or customer-oriented applications.
It will enable our customers to manage their own projects, notably through the provision of an expert service in business digitalization, interfacing and coding: bee2link Special Operations (BSO).

Why it works

We innovate in cooperation with our customers. We anticipate their needs in order to successfully integrate and adapt the platform in their environment.
Our triple automotive-digital-business management expertise enables us to understand, analyze and anticipate the challenges of the automotive distribution sector.
We have already gained the confidence and support of the main manufacturers and distributors, proactive in their transformation to successfully manage the new automotive challenges.

The management team

  • Degree in Finance and Management
  • 25 years’ experience in the Retail Automobile field
  • Automobile manufacturer career – management control then retail marketing
  • Automotive distribution career – dealership management
  • Founder of several companies operating in the Distribution sector
  • Automotive – CRM – website – internal control – automotive sales station – business tools

Xavier Cotelle

Founder and CEO

  • 20 years’ experience in the automotive sector
  • Expertise in all areas of automotive distribution (NV, UV, APV, spare parts and accessories), from sales to site management.
  • Manufacturer experience in process consulting and project management (DMS, Digital Retail, ZM, etc.)
  • English

Gaëtan Sprenger

General Manager and Director of Sales

  • Co-creator of bee2link as Chief Technical Officer in charge of software production and the development of the solutions hosting platform
  • Chief Technical Officer for the creation and distribution of an ‘automotive sales station’ software package for car dealers (7 years)
  • Experience in SSII as Project Manager and Programming Analyst (4 years)

Cédric Ligeron

Chief Technical Officer

  • Whole career in the automotive industry (14 years) and present since the creation of bee2link
  • Experience as a Sales and APV Business Process Auditor in the automotive retail sector and as a dealership manager
  • Founder and Ex-CEO of Agence K, an agency specializing in supporting the retail automotive sector in the digital transformation of its business lines.
  • English

Jérémy Letout

Chief Innovation Officer

  • Since the creation of bee2link
  • Nearly 12 years’ experience in her field of activity in various sectors, in France and internationally
  • English, Spanish

Isabelle Kleinprintz

Human Resources Director

  • More than 15 years of experience in finance and strategy in large groups
  • M&A expertise in structuring deals (acquisitions/divestitures) and the integration of these acquisitions
  • Very good knowledge of digital and its business models
  • Ex-Chief Financial Officer of Lagardere Active Digital
  • Ex-Director of Strategy and Development of Lagardere Active Digital
  • University Paris-Dauphine // Paris-La-Sorbonne
  • English

Tristan Gauvain

Chief Financial Officer

  • 27 years’ experience in the automotive sector
  • Manufacturer experience in France and Germany in the management of the distribution and marketing network of sales and APV departments.
  • 15 years’ experience with DMS and CRM publishers for the automotive industry in France and abroad
  • Founder of a company publishing web applications for mobility and car rental
  • English, German

Benoît Bachelot

Customer Experience Director

  • 38 years’ experience in the automotive sector
  • 21 years’ manufacturer experience in sales, network management, financing and UV centers.
  • Ex-General Manager, Autovista France and Belgium
  • Ex-General Manager, Caradisiac
  • English

Dominique Allain

Sales Director, Manufacturers and Partners

  • Graduate of the Institut Supérieur de la Vente Automobile (Higher Institute of Automotive Sales)
  • 10 years’ experience in automotive distribution within large groups as Sales Consultant and Sales Manager, NV and UV
  • Expert knowledge of the automotive distribution professions

Cyril Marty

Sales Director

  • Whole career in the automotive industry (16 years)
  • Manufacturer experience in France and Germany in strategic marketing, communication and digitalization of the automotive retail sector
  • English, German

Sophie Barlois

Marketing and Communications Director