Our products

Thanks to our platform and our numerous applications, we are able to provide solutions for almost all areas of automotive distribution.

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An integrated platform to enable the digitalization of actors in the automotive distribution sector.

Developed in SaaS mode, our platform comprises interconnected applications designed to cover the business-related needs of actors in the automotive distribution sector: used vehicle trade-in estimates and resale, sale of new and demonstration vehicles, stock management, management of business relations, activity and team management, etc. Thanks to the takeover of the company 3DSoft in 2019, we now cover all after-sales business lines by integrating the solutions MecaPlanning and Kairos-LS directly into our platform.

Our applications

Integrated into our platform, most of our applications can be used alone, in combination with each other, and/or interfaced with third-party systems.


Selling your new or used cars online has never been easier.


AutoCast is a new communication channel dedicated to the publication of listings for vehicles available for sale on a large screen in the point of sale or other delocalized demonstration venue (trade show, for example).


TwinCheck is an application that makes it possible to carry out, in just a few clicks, the counter-estimate and workshop expertise of a used vehicle on a smartphone.


ScanPass allows managers to check and validate trade-in offers made by sales teams on their mobile phones.


PriceBack is a used vehicle sales channel for dealers to their merchant partners.


FleetAccess, a new sales channel for distributors with their affiliated rental companies.


CarSell, a real automotive sales station, ensures greater efficiency for sales forces and managers.


InstaPrice makes it possible for Internet users to estimate online the trade-in price of a used vehicle via algorithms based on market value.


ScanPrice makes it possible to estimate the trade-in price of a used vehicle via algorithms based on market value.


CarShop allows for managing the stocks of vehicles from entry to exit, with a dynamic lifeline for each vehicle.


InstaShoot is a mobile application dedicated to taking standardized photos of used vehicles to facilitate stock management and sales.