Selling your new or used cars online has never been easier.

What is SelliWay ?

How to handle a customer remotely as well as in a dealership? Today SelliWay integrates all the business tools necessary for a successful sale: from the direct contact by the Internet user to the payment of the deposit online. Essential to maintain human contact, our cutting-edge tool is as quick to integrate as it is easy to use.

Features for a complete remote sales process

New : Direct contact on the distributor’s website

Interactive discussion via video chat

Estimated trade-in value of the current vehicle

New vehicle configuration

Sale of a new or used vehicle in inventory

Financing selection

E-signature of commercial documents

Online payment of the deposit

New for 2021

2021 marks the release of a new feature for our contactless sales station, SelliWay: a button to access SelliWay integrated directly into your website to allow the user to contact the sales force easily and independently.

This button can be added to any page: the home page, the vehicle sheet, the contact page, etc. This flexibility allows you to multiply the points of contact, and therefore the opportunities!


  • Visio-chat integrated into the seller’s workstation with simple and quick contact, at the seller’s initiative by email or sms, or at the customer’s initiative via a SelliWay button integrated directly into the distributor’s site.
  • Different modes of exchange: video, chat, voice or a combination of these.
  • Exchanges in real time and automatically recorded in the customer and prospect files, without re-entering data.
  • Application delivered natively via free front-end APIs with easy interconnection to existing information system.
  • Integration of after-sales functions via 3Dsoft tools, such as online appointment scheduling, upselling, etc.

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