ScanPrice makes it possible to estimate the trade-in price of a used vehicle via algorithms based on market value.

Industrialization of the UV trade-in process

Increase in the number of UV trade-ins

Improvement in the overall UV margin

ScanPrice makes it easier to buy and resell by offering the best trade-in price to the end customer.

Key Features

  • Precise identification of the UV via an official repository and identification by VIN possible.
  • Real-time knowledge of the local and national market price of a used vehicle.
  • Taking into account of all the key parameters to define the trade-in price, based on market value and integrating a parameterization reflecting the distributor’s resale policy.
  • Possibility of activating the automatic trade-in price to increase reactivity.
  • Access to all listings published for a similar vehicle.
  • Native Android/iOS application to start an estimate anywhere, anytime, and from any smartphone.