InstaShoot is a mobile application dedicated to taking standardized photos of used vehicles to facilitate stock management and sales.

Professional nature of the published photos

Increased productivity

Optimized customer appeal

InstaShoot increases the attractiveness of used vehicle listings.

Customer benefits for automotive distribution

  • Visual and ergonomic redesign for an optimized user experience.
  • Photographing in the application of vehicles not yet illustrated or partially updated.
  • Consultation of the list of vehicles in stock waiting to be photographed.
  • Direct access to the existing photos of a vehicle thanks to the scan of its license plate.
  • Taking of qualitative photographs from predefined angles thanks to the graphic markers (lines).
  • Adaptation of the shooting templates depending on the size of the vehicles for a more precise and qualitative rendering.
  • Complete visualization of the vehicle, with the possibility for the interior and exterior.
  • 360┬░ display in the app, based on 8 photos with standardized viewing angles.
  • Display and manual selection of points of sale.
  • Uploading of photos to CarShop, automatically in WiFi and manually in 3G/4G.
  • Compatible with a wider range of Android devices.