CarShop allows for managing the stocks of vehicles from entry to exit, with a dynamic lifeline for each vehicle.

Improvement of average turnover

Improvement in the overall UV margin

Better visibility of vehicle activity

CarShop facilitates the management and resell processes by optimizing the number of days of stock for each vehicle.

Key Features

  • Lifeline for each vehicle, with management of the entry into stock, mechanical and aesthetic preparation, photo taking, publication and exit from stock. Lifeline customizable in accordance with internal processes.
  • Automatic or recommended resale price update of the vehicle every month, depending on market value and the distributor’s resale policy (optional: every week if so desired).
  • Management of publications to infomediaries, with direct integration of distributor/brand filters in the photos.
  • Administrative management of vehicles (Cerfa and other), with direct links to TMS / SIV (vehicle registration), electronic record book, and interfaces with third-party systems.
  • Access to the UV after-sales service history.
  • Statistical management of stocks (margins, sales volume, turnover, price change alert reports).